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HDFC win ACCA Sustainability Award 2013 for the Fourth consecutive year.
The best housing finance solutions provider in Sri Lanka, HDFC Bank was recently honoured as the runner-up in the Banking, Finance & Insurance Sector at the Sustainability Reporting Awards 2013organized by Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), an event which reached its 10 year milestone in rewarding country’s most transparent entities of different thatched. Based on the concept that businesses perform better by using sustainability reporting as a tool to measure, monitor and report their actions and the impact of those actions have on stakeholders, the ACCA Sri Lanka Sustainability Reporting Awards have gained immense momentum among the stakeholder since its inception nine years ago.

Unlike any other establishment, HDFC Bank won the ACCA Sustainability Reporting Award on three consecutive years during the past nine year period in the same category to bear witness of its rewarding performance in high standards of socioeconomic guidelines established. These awards received also tend to subtly spell out the direction the HDFC Bank has laid for its future performance. Unlike the previous occasions, this year’s awards have moved away from the conventional winning categories, which were focusing on industry sectors and an overall winner. The six sectors being highlighted this year were the manufacturing, banking, finance and insurance, leisure and services, agriculture and plantations, diversified organizations that deal with a large product portfolio and retail and trading. Each Sector had a winner and runner, up and an overall winner and a runner, up based on all reports submitted. Comprehensiveness, credibility and communication, identifying and rewarding innovative attempts to communicate corporate performance are all aligned to the sustainability concept to reward the most transparent and accountable entities.