HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana
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» What is a HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana

HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana is the unique Retirement Fund: a latest Financial Product.

This is a customized Financial Instrument in catering to the varied needs of identified social clusters.

  1. Agricultural Farming community
  2. Government Teachers community
  3. Non governmental industrial workers community

Due to the ability of being designed to cater to the specific community based needs, through its countrywide branch network, HDFC Bank intends promoting HDFC Group Vishrama Rekawarana scheme with minor adaptations to suite the needs of different institutions with specified corporate solutions and the specific needs of identified village communities.

» Why I should join HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana ?

  • The most important feature is that even a small investment like Rs.100/- would benefit the investor with the highest interest return.
  • HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana would be in a position to offer Housing loans to its investors, after a 10 – 15 year period of accumulation of funds.
  • HDFC Vishrama Rekawarana is ranked as a High Security Investment since its value would be against Mortgaged Security.
  • Ability to take 70% of the prevailing balance as an instant loan.
  • This is an Ethical Fund which can be considered a Future Investment Index with High Growth potential since it has been designed to suit the future changes expected in social demographics.

» For whom?

   For individuals of age 18 – 59

» How to join?

Minimum Initial Investment can begin with Rs: 1,000/- with flexible amounts of investments added thereafter. Subsequent investments after the initial deposit could be even as small as Rs: 1/- or even 50 cents. Please visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch.