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“SET FOR LIFE” Is a unique wealth creation scheme from HDFC that helps you to plan for your future. Although many young people do not think about the future, youth is the best and most effective time to invest so that you can have a carefree and economically independent future.


With investments, the earlier you start the more you earn and the better you become in creating wealth. SET FOR LIFE helps you not only to become a master at investing, but it gives you a whole host of benefits.


Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, commenced his investment career when he was only 17 years. Throughout the years, he invested prudently and attained a masterly skill which made him what he is today.
When you commence investment at an early age, you can make it almost a hobby which can pay you untold rewards later.


SET FOR LIFE yields’ above the market’ interest earnings greater than Treasury Bill and monthly Fixed Deposit rates prevalent in the market.

» Adjusted for Inflation

SET FOR LIFE automatically adjusts with inflation, increasing the interest rate accordingly.

» Greater Flexibility

No fixed instalment. It can start with Rs.1,000/- and the investor can deposit any amount daily, weekly, monthly, annually or in a lump sum.

» Nominee

In the event of the demise of the original investor, the nominee is entitled to the accumulated amount.

» Loan Benefits

A loan can be obtained of up to 70% of the accumulated amount instantly.

» Insurance

SET FOR LIFE will provide a life cover of Rs.500,000/- one year from the date on which the account balance reaches Rs.250,000/- or more.

» Security

It entails the full protection of a state bank.

Monthly Instalment basis

Age Amount Invested Return Age of 55
20 1,000/- 1,364,840/-
25 969,358/-
30 673,416/-
35 451,961/-