Sirisara Housing Loan
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Make your house a home – Sirisara Housing Loan

This is a life style loan to make your house a home. The interiors of any home reflect the personal preferences and tastes of its owners making it imperative to constantly upgrade to keep up with changing times. Sirisara facilitates internal and external repairs and other structural improvements like Painting, Waterproofing and Roofing, Plumbing and Electrical Works, Tiling and Flooring, Grills, Aluminum Windows compound walls and much more. Moreover with Sirisara you can invest on furniture and on other house hold utensils.

1. Who can obtain the loan

  • Private individuals
  • Joint applicants ( Husband / wife )
  • Daughter or son jointly with father or mother

2. The Loan amount you can obtain

  • From Rs. 30,000/- upwards (Maximum repayment period varies according to age)
  • 100 % of the total estimated expenditure.

3. What is the Security

  • The land on which the loan is invested

4. What will be your Loan Installment

  • If you are a salaried employees: 40% of the salary will be your maximum loan installment (within 60% of total fixed commitments)

  • Others : Subject to evaluation of disposable income that can be proved.

6. What else……..?

  • A Savings Deposit Rs. 1000 /- to open a ‘Prathilabha’ Savings Account with the Bank